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Welcome to FastTrac 360: For PRMG Wholesale Partners

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Today’s Environment

We believe that in today’s environment it is our duty as a Wholesale division to educate, train and support our broker  and correspondent community. PRMG Wholesale is here to stay and we believe through education and training we can help our lending partners obtain even greater success today by utilizing our powerful tools and working with the best Account Executives in the business.

Building Relationships
PRMG has established extremely strong relationships with its Wall Street partners and is considered a leading mortgage banker within that community.  In addition to our Wall Street partners, our lending capacity is virtually untapped based on PRMG’s commitment to maintain a strong net worth and its track record of delivering high quality performing loans to the capital markets. It is our goal and determination to become the largest privately held mortgage banking firm in the USA within the next five years.
Getting Approved as a PRMG Broker or Correspondent
To ensure that we uphold the highest level of integrity and to expedite the approval process, we have partnered with Comergence Compliance Monitoring for the online approval process.
Before you begin, please click here for our checklist to ensure that you have all required information and items before proceeding to the online application.
To launch the online application, click here: Apply Now You will be redirected to the Comergence website where you can begin the application process and be on your way to becoming approved with PRMG.

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